Call our Helpdesk: 0191 257 0642

Call our Helpdesk: 0191 257 0642

General Maintenance and Individual Services

At White Knight Maintenance we understand that for our business clients, time is money. We pride ourselves in getting your commercial construction and maintenance services and works done to high standards, on time and on budget.
As experienced commercial contractors, White Knight Maintenance have undertaken a range of commercial building services and works in the North East and the surrounding area including dentist and GP surgeries, schools, restaurants and shops. We have the skills and resources to carry out commercial work to deadlines and within a set budget, with minimal disruption and the best results for each of our customers. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and we pride ourselves in the outstanding quality of work that we deliver to commercial customers of all sizes across industries.

Commercial Electrical Contractors in the North East

White Knight Maintenance team of professionals includes local electricians for all your commercial electrical needs.
Commercial electricians need to be highly qualified in order to maintain high levels of performance within a business and to protect individuals and the organisation from risks associated with faulty electrics. With our skilled electrical contractors, White Knight Maintenance provide a broad range of electrical services to commercial and residential properties in the local area.
At White Knight Maintenance our local electricians are qualified to take on a range of electric installation, maintenance and testing, including PAT testing, heating, data cabling, CCTV, security and door entry systems. Our PAT testing services are available on demand or on a retained, maintenance basis and are designed to ensure safety as well as compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors in the North East

At White Knight Maintenance, we provide a full range of property construction and maintenance services to clients in our region. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to commercial and residential customers every time, no matter the size of the order.
Our experienced team features tradesmen and women from a broad range of disciplines, from plumbers to carpenters, builders and plasters. This means that we can see the majority of jobs through from beginning to end: no wasting time and money waiting for external contractors.
First and foremost, we are local traders and we know how important it is for commercial plumbing services to be undertaken with minimal disruption to business. Our plumbing contractors can work around you, to make sure that they get the job done on time and on budget, and that your business can still continue to function effectively.
Successful businesses thrive on creating good, reliable contacts and it is important that you have the details of commercial plumbing services that you can rely on for general improvements, maintenance and repairs.
If you own a commercial property, failure to adequately maintain plumbing can have serious consequences; by putting off one little job you could cause damage to your property, your business and your income. Whether you have a burst water pipe, irregular water pressure or unsatisfactory temperature control; you need to install new plumbing systems, kitchens or bathrooms, our team of experienced plumbers will be on hand to offer advice and to undertake the work required quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Plumbing Contractors in the North East

Experienced builders, commercial tilers and bespoke shopfitters; White Knight Maintenance takes on all elements of building and maintenance services for schools, colleges and academies.
White Knight Maintenance are approved local builders for schools, colleges and academies in our local area. We understand that many schools are operating under a tight budget. We also understand that works need to be done, where possible, outside of school hours or, at least, with minimal disruption to lessons.
Our skilled team of tradesmen possess the skills to undertake all elements of building, repair and maintenance to your academic institution, from day to day maintenance to refurbishing existing spaces and building new facilities and blocks. The work that we undertake isn’t just structural; we make sure that each property we work on is finished to a high spec too. As a result we will make sure that the tiling in your school, college or academy is on budget, hard wearing and fit for purpose.

Commercial Carpentry Contractors in the North East

White Knight Maintenance provides commercial businesses with bespoke carpentry services from the best carpenters the North East has to offer.
White Knight Maintenance skilled team comprises accomplished tradespeople from all trades, including experienced carpenters and joiners. We offer complete bespoke carpentry solutions for commercial businesses of all sizes. From first and second fix fit outs to conversions, renovations and full refurbishment, our services can be stand alone or part of a broader project.
The commercial carpentry and joinery services that we offer include:
● Gates and fences● Shop fitting● Fascias and soffits● Stud wall installation● Wooden floors● Skirting boards● Window and door frames● Kitchens and staff areas● Roofing● Custom made shelving

Commercial Painting and Decorating Contractors in the North East

Painting and decorating your home can be a confusing business. With so many products around it is hard to know which one is best for your space and, of course, preparation is key! Many people buy the wrong paint or don’t prepare their surfaces properly, meaning that the paint or wallpaper can chip, flake or peal easily and it has to be done again, making do-it-yourself decorating a false economy.
There are a host of decorating contractors and firms in White Knight Maintenance. With so much choice it is hard to know which one to use. So why opt for a professional painter and decorator in Newcastle? More specifically, why is White Knight Maintenance Limited so special?
White Knight Maintenance have been painting and decorating in the North East and surrounding areas for years; we really understand how to pull off a fantastic house refurbishment in Newcastle. We have seen trends come in and go out. We’ve been painting and decorating in Newcastle for so long that we’ve seen lots of those fashions come back in again too!
If you are painting and decorating in Newcastle we have the experience and expertise to make sure that your new room will stay looking fresh for longer. We can work closely with an interior designer and with you to choose the best colours and the best materials for the job.
We know that it’s not all about what is fashionable; it is about the customer, their tastes and their needs. As a result we take the time to get to know our clients and help them to choose designs that will work for their home and the way they utilise their space. We will also make sure that we use the best tools for the job, making the finish as hard wearing and durable as it needs to be.
Our professional, punctual and friendly team will get the job done on time. We offer customers the familiarity of employing a local craftsman with the wide scope, additional manpower and security of employing a decorating contractor in Newcastle. Combined, these qualities make your painting and decorating in Newcastle a smooth, professional and stress-free experience with the added confidence that you won’t need to re-decorate for years.
Whether as part of a renovation project or extension, or if you just want to give your existing space a new lease of life, we take into account both financial and scheduling requirements for residential or commercial property. Our team of professionals have the skills and experience in commercial and residential painting and decorating in Newcastle to give you the best job to suit your needs.
We know that many of our clients have very busy lives. They can see what they would like to do with a tired space but simply don’t have the time to do it properly. As a professional decorating contractor in Newcastle that’s where we come in. We can give your home or office a new lease of life in much less time than you would if you did it yourself. You can carry on with your work and other commitments while we transform your living or working space for you.
Many people enjoy the odd bit of DIY. That’s great, but for those who don’t, or who simply don’t have time to do it themselves, White Knight Maintenance offer a reliable, trustworthy and efficient service. We source the majority of our materials and staff locally and are passionate about serving our community by providing first rate building, construction, painting and decorating services in Newcastle.

Commercial Landscaping Services Contractors in the North East

At White Knight Maintenance we offer a full range of services for business and residential customers including high-end, professional commercial landscape services.
Often businesses focus on the interior of their premises, paying little attention to the exterior. However, the outside of your premises speaks volumes about your business and your standards; whether it is a school, shop, office or restaurant, pristine landscaping shows the public that you are professional, efficient and that you have high standards.
Soft Landscaping is the form of landscaping that does not involve any construction work. To this end, it can be done without causing any disruption to your business. Trees, shrubs, planters, window boxes, flower beds and hedges are all different elements of soft landscaping; a great way to demonstrate your business’s high standards and add curb appeal.
Don’t neglect your exterior, invest a little in soft landscaping to bring your premises to life and bring the customers in! White Knight Maintenance have a team of experienced contractors who are able to carry out any aspect of soft landscaping that you require. You may want to brighten up your exterior with window boxes or hanging baskets; if your premises has a neglected outside area, courtyard or garden, you can make them more appealing with planters, raised beds or a few bedding plants. Or, you may want to remove or trim bushes and trees to create more space and light in, and outside, of your premises. Whatever your needs, our experienced team of landscape contractors will be able to bring the outside of your property to life.

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